How Long Does It Take to Move Into a New Home?

Published on 1/18/2022
There are a lot of factors that affect how long it'll take to move into a new home. Some of these you can control, and some you can't.  The market, the sellers and their timeline, and financing are a few things you have to be flexible with. As a general rule, from start to finish, an average closing on a home takes around 10 weeks.

If things go according to plan, coordinating a move out and in to go smoothly does happen, but often a wrench is thrown into the process. Moving understandably causes most of us stress, even in the best of circumstances, and anything we can do to reduce it can greatly help our peace of mind. 

This is where a storage unit can help. Move your non essentials into the unit at your leisure, in advance of crunch time. use an inventory, and put them into your unit in an organized way, for example, storing them by room. 

Here are some general guidelines for packing times for a home to get an idea why it's so nice to break it up. Doing it over the course of a month is much more manageable than trying to make the whole transition in a week or less.
Studio or 1 Bedroom: 10 – 15 hours
2 Bedroom: 15 – 20 hours
3 Bedroom: 20+ hours
4 Bedroom: 30+ hours

After you have your non essential belongings organized in your storage unit, you can set your new home up at your own pace. Choose what you need from your unit in an organized way, and have the space in your new residence to set things up without having to wade through your things to find what you need. Instead, take an inventory of your belongings, and when you move things from the storage unit into your home, you'll know exactly what you have and where it is, so you can set up one room at a time, without all the hassle. 

We've personally done moves with and without a storage unit, and the difference is that having one lets you enjoy and be excited for the process much more, and to do it in a more efficient and less chaotic manner. Happy moving!