Holiday Decoration Storage with Seahawk State Storage

Published on 1/11/2022

The holidays are over, the new year has begun and we’re just about ready to put our holiday decorations away until next time. Having a little extra space in a unit here at Seahawk State Storage will help to clean your living space again after the holidays. It’s the perfect time to stop by and swap out your winter for spring decor! Keep your items safe and secure with our 24/7 video and audio surveillance. As always, you can access your storage unit anytime between 5am and 10pm, using our automated gate entry or text to enter feature. If you’re needing that extra space, you can move in instantly here (, or please know you can text, email, or call us to get set up. For great limited time deals please give us a call or email


It’s the last week of January, the month of organization, and we at Seahawk State Storage have a handful of tips that will hopefully help keep your home clean and organized after you’ve decluttered or stored belongings away. 

These are things you can try to do for just a few minutes every day that could make a difference!

  • Write down your daily organizational to-do list on sticky notes and place them somewhere you walk by and look at frequently

  • Designate a place for your belongings - make it easy on yourself to put your items in their designated spots by taking note of where they usually end up and placing an organizer nearby

  • Simplify your counters by storing rarely used cooking appliances and other odds and ends

  • To avoid mail pile up, read your mail as soon as you bring it in, keep what you need and place it on your fridge or on a calendar - anywhere that will remind you to take care of it, then either file or shred

You can always start small and try incorporating just one of these a week and allow yourself to gain that momentum that could eventually turn you into an organization pro!