Here's How to Pack Your Seahawk State Storage Unit!

Published on 5/18/2022

Clean your belongings before you store them

You want to be sure your things are clean going in so they can be as clean as possible coming out.

Inventory what you’re storing

Take note of serial numbers, model numbers, brief descriptions and maybe even take a photo of everything as you place them in the box!

If you can, pick one box size for all of your items

This would help with organization, stacking, and keeping your items safe by keeping boxes even.

Keep boxes off of the ground 

Boxes that are directly on the cement may get damp because of condensation buildup during cold temperatures. Help avoid this by stacking your boxes and or using pallets to keep them off the floor.

Plan out your space

Keep in mind the items you’ll want to access most frequently, and place them towards the front of your unit.  

Start at the bottom with the heaviest boxes, stack them with the lightest on top. 

You may want to try out packing around the perimeter first, or create aisles - any method where you give yourself enough space.

While you may be able to fit everything in the smallest required space, our customers tell us that renting a little extra space goes a long way to cut down frustration in accessing what you need when you need it because you have the room to move freely through your belongings!