Seahawk State Storage Tips to effectively store and retrieve with ease.

Published on 4/5/2022

Happy April! Wishing you and your families well. 

S- Start with a contents list. You can use a sharpie to list contents stored in your boxes - you can number them too!

E- Extra space saves time, and time is money. When in doubt, rent about 25% more space than you think you can fit your belongings into. It'll allow you to stack lower, have plenty of room to move around and get otherwise hard to reach items, even if you had to rush the packing process. Who knows when you might need something, you won’t want to dig through rows of boxes to get to it!

A- Always keep an inventory. Write down what's going into your unit and update the inventory when you've taken it out. That way you don't have to take time wondering if something is packed away still or somewhere in your home!

H - Have some fun, and have a break! Music or an audiobook can do wonders when working on something repetitious, and taking breaks to stretch and snack can keep your energy high! 

A - Access. Plan out your storage space. If there are any items you think you'll need to access frequently, keep them toward the front of the unit.

W - Wrap It Up! Don’t forget to wrap your dishes and other fragile items in paper or other packing supplies, and place them in sturdy boxes. You may want to check out your local home improvement store for packing paper.


K - Keep fragile and heavy items low! We don't want you or any of your valuables to get damaged while you're moving things around. Take care!