It’s Time to Start Thinking About Winter Storage

Published on 10/20/2022
 - State Storage Has You Covered!

It’s almost winter again here in Spokane Valley! Let Seahawk State Storage help you out with preparing for the season with your winter storage needs, call us to get set up in just 3 easy steps!

Here are some common items you may want to store this winter:

Lawn Equipment -

Make some space in your garage and bring over your lawn equipment to one of our storage units - you may want to keep the snowblower though! And please be sure to empty the gas out of your lawn mower so it runs smoothly in the spring.

Clothing -

For those of you who need some room in your closet, putting out-of-season clothing in one of our units could make a difference! Don’t forget to put your boxes of clothing on pallets to keep them off the ground, or you could place them in plastic storage containers.

Vehicles and seasonal recreational equipment

Feel free to call us now or book below for a unit for your vehicles! All of our units have drive up access for your convenience.

Stay warm and Take care!