Why Won't My Car Turn On? How To Properly Store Vehicles for Winter

Published on 10/6/2022

Vehicles that are not prepared for the winter cold can experience difficulties with startup and engine and fuel line corrosion. Here are a few tips to prevent that from happening to your vehicle.

Clean Thoroughly Before Storage

  • Detail your vehicle, inside and out, polish and wipe down 

  • Be sure to get rid of tree-sap drops

  • Spray protective coat of rubberized undercoating on the parts of your car that have exposed, unpainted metal

  • To avoid attracting mice or other animals, be sure there is no food or trash inside or around your vehicle when it’s placed in a storage unit

Top Your Fluids

  • If you are storing a vehicle for more than three months, it is recommended to use fuel stabilizer when you’re at a half tank of gas and top it off with fresh gas right before placing it into storage- this should help prevent engine and fuel line corrosion

Remove and Store Battery

  • You’ll want to be sure to remove your car’s battery and bring it home with you or keep it in climate control until you reconnect it in the spring or summer

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