How to Store Clothes - The Quick and Dirty Guide to better results

Published on 4/21/2023

Clothing storage isn't complicated, but there are a few things that can make a difference, especially over a longer time period. Here are some easy tips to follow to make sure your clothes come out of storage as nice as when you put them in. 

1. Take an inventory. It's all too easy to forget what's there.  For the parents out there saving clothes of older children for the younger ones, you may repurchase a lot of clothing you don't need. It's also easy to forget what seasonal clothes you put away in storage to bring out next year, leading you toward buying an all new wardrobe! While we understand, knowing what items you had before will make it easier to avoid duplicates when the mood strikes. 

2. Clean and prep your garments. The better condition clothes go in, the better they'll come out! A little prep can go a long way. First, make sure the storage container you are using can be locked tight, like bins with snap locks. Wash clothing before storing, and organize them in a way that'll make it easiest to access them again if you want to pick and choose what you take out. 

3.  Clothes stay best in a cool, dark and dry environment. You can use absorptive materials, or a chemical desiccant like calcium chloride or silica gel packets to keep clothes dry, cedar chips work great to absorb odors, and moth balls can go a long way to further reduce your chance of pests. Moth balls can discolor clothing though, so be sure to wrap in paper and avoid placing directly against fabric. 

4. Let your fabrics breathe. Packing clothes too tightly doesn't allow air to circulate, so using rattan storage trunks are a great way to promote circulation to really optimize longevity. 

Follow these tips and you should have no problem keeping your clothes nice for the next season, next child, or another time you feel re-inspired by them.

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