Home Renovation Guide

Published on 2/27/2023

Home Renovation - A Guide To How Seahawk State Storage Can Help You

Home renovations can be one of the most exciting ways to spend your time and improve the value of your home. It’s a time when you can apply your creativity and imagination and work with others to create something you’re proud of. Let us help you have the best experience possible and make it a smoother and more rewarding experience. Below are some tips to streamline the process!

Start by creating an inventory of the belongings you’ll need to clear from the space you’re going to work on. Having a plan to keep your things organized and out of the way will allow you to work more efficiently and keep the rest of your home from becoming cluttered.

Gather your belongings, put them in boxes, label them, and store them in your unit at our facility. You can move in instantly on our website or over the phone at 509-924-0777  in just minutes.

Next comes the fun part where you get to work on a clean slate! After you have transformed your space into a new experience, you can move your things back in or have the opportunity to fill your new space with items that are best suited for your vision. You can do this at your own leisure - which is great since you might want a breather! Great work!