How To Free Up Space in Your Apartment

Published on 4/27/2022

Seahawk State Storage has convenient drive up units perfect for freeing up space in your apartment or home now that spring is here and the flowers are blooming! Take advantage of our wide range of units - renting with us couldn't be easier!

When you go from room to room, visualize how you want the room to look and feel. If you need inspiration, Pinterest and other online websites have tons of creative ideas that you can make your own! Write down the items you still love but don’t fit in with the vision you have for the room.

Also take note of:

  • Duplicate items

  • Seasonal items and decorations

  • Other items you rarely use

Call us with your list of items you would like to store for help determining what size unit would best fit your needs. 5x6, 5x12, 10x12 and 10x24 are available now! Enjoy feeling refreshed when you have freed up your space!