What Are The Most Common Uses for Storage?

Published on 6/14/2022

Here are some of the most common uses. Chances are if you're looking for storage, it's one of these.

1. Making moving easier and less stressful

Timing your move out and move in is hard, and there are many factors you can't control. Having a storage unit takes much of the stress of coordinating it seamlessly off your shoulders.

2. Keep vehicles protected in the off season, or stored securely year round

Cars, RV's, motorcycles and boats can all be stored at a facility, and indoor storage goes a long way in protecting your vehicle from the cold Spokane winters. In addition, our 24-7 video surveillance and automated gate entry keep your belongings safe from tampering or theft, and placed in a convenient place if your HOA doesn’t allow for home storage. 

3. Provide more space at home

Things accumulate and before you know it, the things you bought and loved just get so cramped together it's hard to appreciate them. Opening up space makes your living space shine again. In addition, opening spaces like your garage from accumulated belongings can  allow you to use that space more productively.


4. To store a loved ones belongings

Helping an aging parent transition to live with you, or into a retirement home can be hard, and it can be difficult to convince them to make the transition. Being able to assure them that their prized possessions that can't go with them are going to be safely stored, and accessible anytime can make this process easier for the both of you.  If a loved one passes away, the last thing you want to deal with is a project, deciding what to do with them. Putting them in storage can give you time to process so you can get to them after things are a little less raw.

5. Help organize a home remodel

You'll need to empty up the space you want to work on and be able to move around so you can work freely. 

6. Provide extra room for business inventory

Business affects can quickly build up in your home if you are starting anew, and if your business is moving to a new location, or you just have overflow, the extra space can be very welcome. 

7. To store the contents of a dorm room in summer

If you're a college student staying in a dorm over the summer, you'll need somewhere to store your things, and a unit close by is a lot easier than trying to get everything back into your childhood bedroom.